The Inception

“Health care for kids, made easy”.

The Inception

The idea of a specific kids pharmacy was born in Malaysia due to a growing need for specialized healthcare services for children. With a rise in health and developmental issues among children, a dedicated healthcare platform was created to offer ease of access to medication management and finding paediatric care. This exclusive focus on children’s healthcare allows for tailored, specialized services, particularly in safe medication practices. The company, Jujucare Medic, was founded in 2020 by health professionals.

How we bring sustainability in kids health & wellbeing ?

Kids Pharmacy takes a holistic approach to children’s health and well-being, offering not only medication management but also education and prevention. Through our impactful social delivery model, we provide healthcare services and education to paediatric communities in partnership with local organizations. Our aim is to create sustainable impact on children’s health and well-being for generations to come.

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Our Values

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What we offer

At Kids Pharmacy by Jujucare Medic, We offer accurate, trustworthy information on paediatri medicines and help parents use them safely and effectively. We deliver prescribed medications and other healthcare products and medical equipments right to your doorstep from licensed and verified pharmacies. We also provide online consultations with certified doctors, pharmacies and diagnostic services from trusted labs, that are available anytime and anywhere for your convenience.

The Journey So Far

At Kids Pharmacy, we prioritize children's health needs by offering a range of safe and effective specialized medications and healthcare products. Our affordable pricing ensures that families can access quality healthcare without breaking the bank. Plus, we offer regular discounts and promotions to make healthcare even more accessible. To further enhance your child's health experience, we also offer health classes that your children can join.


For Greater Cause

Buy medication from us and give another child the gift of health with a free consultation – Start their journey to a healthier tomorrow today!”